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The WillowWacks



The Skinny

The WillowWacks sound like The Avett Brothers and The Civil Wars crashed the recording of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, with Gotye filling in for George Martin while he was out for tea.

“The WillowWacks-playing fresh music that defies time. Close your eyes and let the Willow-Wacks EP transport you to a very nice place.” David Luckin NPR Host of The Electro Lounge




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The WillowWacks are comprised of Micah and Lauren Gilliam, a heterosexual married couple who met at university in the midwest and now live in St. Augustine, Florida. Micah Gilliam is a multi-instrumentalist and self-proclaimed ‘genre-hopper,’ having worked as a producer and musician on an array of different musical projects. Lauren Gilliam is a professional glass-blower by day, but gets her musical kicks by night playing Ukulele, Bass Uke, Banjolele and Electric Bass. “We love a lot of different music, to the extent where a lot of the artist’s we like probably don’t care for a lot of the other artist’s we listen to. But, that’s ok, because it’s important to us that we remain diverse and fluid in the present music world.” The WillowWacks first self-titled EP is out now and combines the simplicity of folk music, with the dense, imaginative, sonic landscapes of modern day indie/chamber pop. “This Ep took a year to make, but saying that it ‘took a year’ is mis-leading. We put a lot of effort into the details and started out with an approach a la ‘Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band,’ and chose songs that represented parts of our lives that were less than public.” The second record has been in the works since mid-summer and is currently satiating their dual appetite for minimalist rock n’ roll and getting their songs recorded “really, really fast.”



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